The stage is more than a platform; it's where my soul resides. Under the glow of the lights, every note and word weaves a bond with my audience. Sharing my music, my stories, it's here I feel my heart's truest beat - fully alive, resonant, and home.”


Cayla Brooke: A Symphony of Resilience and Artistry

From a voice silenced by life's trials to an award-winning beacon of musical storytelling, Cayla Brooke's journey is nothing short of inspirational. At the age of three, she felt a deep connection to music, an echo of her future path. However, childhood trauma and later personal challenges, including a heart-wrenching divorce, led to a decade of silence, burying her musical dreams.

Cayla's turning point was a tribute to the late Eva Cassidy, a project that rekindled her passion for music and led to sold-out shows and critical acclaim. This comeback set the stage for "Plush Red Chair," her debut album acclaimed by No Depression Magazine as "The real deal and a must-have," marking her undeniable presence in the music industry.

Now in Alberta, Cayla is crafting "Simplicity," her second album. This concept album, featuring minimalistic arrangements, showcases Cayla's dedication to the purity of music and storytelling. Beyond her albums, Cayla's role as a keynote concert speaker and writer allows her to empower and inspire, sharing her journey of rediscovery and strength.

Cayla's art transcends just melodies; it's a bridge to human experiences, touching listeners across age and background. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative magic of music.


Wow! I’d be at the dictionary for hours to find enough superlatives to praise Cayla Brooke ... Hands down, this was the best show I’ve ever seen at the Festival. I can’t be more superlative than that. ***** (5 stars)”

— Anne M. Holmes, GI News

Incredibly distinctive, one-of-a-kind performer”

Jazz Corner

Plush Red Chair is the real deal and a must-have.”

— Stacey Zering, No Depression Magazine